Messages from around the world

Nick joined the army as a young boy and matured into a special son to Shalini and Bill. Such sadness that Shalini and Bill are not able to enjoy having their mature son with them, and Marie and Christopher are unable to enjoy the joy of having their brother around. Nick is remembered by us at different stages of his life as we met him when he was a little boy and later as a teenager. The grief and sorrow of your family is shared by the Roychoudhry family. Our prayers, thoughts and love are for you all.
Yvette & Sunil (Sydney, Australia)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris,
I cannot not express my sorrow at your tragic loss, but please know that Nick's life and death has touched so many people, in so many different ways. It was a shock to us all, and has affected us all deeply. We all have different memories of Nick (I remember us constantly arguing but me still wanting to hang out with him every possible moment you were in Australia), and he will forever be in our thoughts. I wish that I got to know more of what Nick was like, but I am sure that I will be able to learn much more through your memories. Even in the past few days we have all heard accounts of how selfless and fun a person he was. He is a hero to so many and has done you proud.
I hope your sadness ebbs away with each day that passes. Please know we are all here for you, and will do anything to make this horrible time more bearable.
All my love,
Amanda (Sydney, Australia)

Dear Nick,
I only met you once when I was three years old and we went on a ski trip. I remember when we played in the snow together and at the cabins we would play on the trampoline. I'll always remember you in my heart and I'll never let you go out of my heart. Rest in peace Nick, I'll always love you.
From your cousin Mitch. (Sydney, Australia)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris
I was only four years old when I met Nick, he probably thought I was a little pest, but I certainly looked up to him. Though I only saw him very little, I cried with all the rest when I heard the news of his death. Though his life was not long, it was full and whole, I will miss him dearly.
Chris, I'm always there for you buddy, if you ever need someone to talk to, just give me a call, anytime, night or day.
Loving Cousin, Jason (Sydney, Australia)

Dearest Shalini, Bill, Marie & Chris,
It is with great sadness that we learnt about the tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all in this hour of sadness. Please accept our deepest sympathies and may each of you find the strength to cope with your grief. Beulah and I remember Nick as a vibrant and fun loving boy from eight years ago. It is those memories which will be with us forever.
Anil, Beulah, Lara & Matthew (Sydney, Australia)

Dear Shalini & family,
We are shocked and grieved to hear of the passing away of your dear son Nick. May God give you all the strength and courage to bear this great loss.
God bless you all
Len & Thecla Fernandez and family (Sydney, Australia)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris,
I just want to let you know that I am so sorry for your loss and that I too feel a great loss because Nick is no longer with us. I feel very privileged to have known my lovely cousin Nick. When I first met him, he tried to explain to me (an Aussie who knew nothing about) a game he played, Le Cross. I remember his friendliness, his sense of humor and his lovely laughter. I admire his courage and independence. Nick has taught me not to feel awkward to say out loud, "I Love You", to my loved ones and reinforced to me, not to take things for granted. He will always be in my heart and I know that he is in a better place, away from suffering and pain.
Even though we live at different ends of the world, the love is/and always will be there for you all and I would like to help in any way I can. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Anita Abrahams (Sydney, Australia)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris,
It is with hearth felt pain to hear the loss of your beloved son Nick. May you all find the strenght to carry on over this terrible loss.
My thoughts are with you.
Dick Van Den Bosch (Queensland, Australia)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris,
I was in disbelief when hearing of Nick's death and cannot begin to imagine your feelings of grief and loss. I knew Nick as a happy outgoing boy with a keen intellect shown by depth in conversation far beyond his years. He will always be in my memories from our time spent in Wilton and later again in Sydney. My thoughts are with you all, and I shall never forget.
Gavin Abrahams (Sydney, Australia)

hey Chris how are you I hope your ok.
Cousin Rachel (Sydney, Australia)

Dear Nick,
Please watch over all of us from Heaven.
Your cousin Serena
Dear Aunty Shalini and Uncle Bill,
Even though I've never met Nick, I'm really going to miss him because he is my cousin and I will always remember him.
To my friend and Cousin Chris and my Cousin Marie
I am very sad to hear about your brother. I hope you come over to Sydney again soon.
Your 8 year old cousin, Serena (Sydney, Australia)

Dear Shalini and family,
I did not know Nick. But my son Dan is also a Wilton boy of 19 who has considered serving his country. And knowing you, I know that Nick must have been a remarkable, generous person. I grieve for the loss of Nick and all of our children in this war, but admire the brave and important choice they made to serve our great nation. Having been a witness to both the extraordinary gifts this country offers -- a wonderful, warm family, a community so blessed with kindness, natural beauty, and commitment to service -- and yet also having seen first-hand the terrible impact of 9/11 in our own town -- I'm sure he gave his heart and soul to preserving our freedom. Having a 10 year old who worships his older brother, my heart especially breaks for Christopher and I will keep him, and all of you, in my prayers. Many do not realize how close brothers ten years apart can be!
Shalini, you have always been a model of grace and I wish you courage in the difficult days ahead. Our family thanks you for the ultimate sacrifice of your is a debt we can never hope to repay. Our love and thoughts are with you.
Laurie and Carl Forcade and Family

Dear Bill, Shalini and family,
We cannot begin to understand the depth of your sorrow and loss, but know you are in our thoughts and prayers.
With sincere sympathy,
Peg Koellmer & the Koellmer Family

Dear Madaras Family,
I knew Nick from Middle School when we played intramural soccer together and continued to play with him in High School. Nick was truely a fierce competitor but even a better friend. As a goalie, Nick was one who made sure I was protected. As a soldier, I am sure that he played a similar role. May he live forever in the hearts of all of us.
-Edward Cullen and Family

My deepest sympathy to your family on the loss of your son Nicholas. My heart goes out to you. May you find peace in knowing that he has gone to a more peaceful place.
Georgette Forcier

Dear Shalini and Bill
Paul, Bryan, Katie and I are deeply saddened by this news. We have prayed for you and your family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do and especially when the services for Nick will be. Paul has memories from soccer. Katie has a book of poems from Nick. Our thoughts and prayers only go to you at this time. Shalini, this is Maggie writing now, I need you to know that this summer at summer school I was teaching in Weston, Nick came by with a flower for a coworker, to cheer her up and I helped him locate her and he said: Say hello to Mr. Schluntz and to Katie. Oh, Shalini that is such a good memory I have of him, giving a flower to a friend. Call anytime, my heart is so with you and we plan on being at the service and plan to help in any way we can. 203-798-9982 is our home number now in Danbury, but Paul is still at Middlebrook.
Love, Maggie, Paul, Bryan and Katie Schluntz

Dear Madaras Family,
I am so sorry for your loss, it is so painful to see this happen to such a loving, nice, and caring family. We are all thinking about you and praying that you will stay strong.
Much Love,
Katie Dubrowski

I'm not sure what to say - but i wanted you to know that i am deeply and seriously sad for your loss. i never got to meet Nick, but loved seeing Chris when he came to the office with Mommy! What a great family. Shalini - you always brought great happiness into the office when i worked there (former secretary/ad person) and i wish i knew what to say - but i want you to know that you are in my thoughts and that I (and we) are so grateful and proud of your son and all the brave soldiers who fought for freedom. Nick (and all of them) are our true heroes.
Katie Sachetti

Dear Madaras family,
I'am so sorry about what happened to Nick. He was like a brother to me and Tom and I will never forget him or the many great things he did. I love and miss you Nick,
William Thresher

I never knew Nick, but I was working near Sunita when the tragic news broke. I share your grief and sorrow, and I send immense sympathy and love to all of Nick's family and loved ones. His passing has affected so many people. My prayers are with you all.
A young and innocent life lost is a tragedy, and there is no greater or more honourable sacrifice than when it is given in the service of a country at war and in the belief that the cause is just.
May God bless.
Wayne Prior (Sydney, Australia)

Dear Bill, Shalini, Marie and Christopher,
We are stunned and shocked of the passing of your fine young son and brother. We are deeply grieved at your loss and no words can express our sorrow. We pray that your strength and courage will get you through this tragic time. He was a very brave, honorable young man and the world is a better place because of him.
With Sincere Love and Sympathy,
Barbara and Howard Martin

The loss of a child is the worst thing that can happen to a family. I lost a daughter who was killed by a drunk driver. My heart breaks for your family having to cope with this devastating loss. You can only take one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time. I know you are proud of Nick and the sacrifice he made for all of us. Thank you to Nick and all the brave young soldiers who are in harm's way and my prayers and thoughts are with you. I am so sorry.
Kathy Gebbia (staff member at Wilton High School Library)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris,
What a shock and tragedy to hear of the loss of Nick. Our heart and prayers go out to you and your family during this time of sorrow. Susan Resch & The Resch Family (Wilton, CT)

I met Nick when he was a student of mine seemingly eons ago here at Wilton High School. I treasured his dry sense of humor and his desire to approach a given topic from his own unique angle. He loved nothing better than when he was given the freedom to speak his own mind. My heart goes out to all of Nick's family, friends, and loved ones.
Jim Sheridan, Wilton High School

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris -
Our hearts and tears are with you all as you mourn this tragic, indescribable loss. Your oldest child, and your big brother. We will always remember him; the happy little boy racing around the yard with Marie when we first met, the proud big brother to Marie and to Chris, and now the hero who is an example of bravery and spirit to all.

And to the cousin who created this place of honor for Nick, bless you. You have done a wonderful thing for all the Madaras family, and for the many friends who now have a place to go to express their thoughts and feelings to Nick and his family.
Love from all the Stissers - Diane, Peter, Erica and Evan ( Wilton, CT, USA)

Please accept our heartfelt condolences over your loss of Nick. We have no idea how much this must hurt all of you but our thoughts are with your family.
Dick and Tum Ziegler, (Wilton, CT)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Christopher,
I am so very, very sorry for your tragic loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you each and every day.
My deepest sympathy,
Suzanne Williams, (Wilton)

Dear Madaras Family,
Although i did not know Nick,this sudden tragedy has upset me very much and all my thoughts and prayers are going out to you. My mom works at Cider Mill and vaguely knows Chris, and it just pains me to think of losing a brother or sister at any age, but especially as young as 10. All of us share the pain of Nick's loss, but i cannot imagine what you are feeling now. I am so sorry, it really is a tragedy.
Much Love, Megan Alonso (Wilton, Ct)

rip. youll be rememberd forever
matt, maryland

God Bless, Nick i looked up to you as a hero and still do
Zachary Masek (Wilton Ct)

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace! Amen.
Never forget
Brian Fennessey (UCONN)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie & Christopher,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. While we can't begin to imagine the depth of your grief, we hope it comforts you in some small way to know that our hearts are with you. May happy memories of Nick comfort you.
If we can help you in any way, please let us know
With love, Genia, Jim and Amanda Meinhold (Wilton, CT)

We are so sorry to hear about Nicholas. We are in shock. We did not personally know him, but have seen him around town and through soccer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May he rest in peace.
God Bless You All.
Dina Livesay (Wilton)

Nick was easily one of the coolest kids I ever met, when he came to visit Tom up here at Siena, I got to meet him and I must say, that I would fight and die by his side any day of the week. He's a hero, and always will be.
RIP Nick
Jeff Ruso (loudonville NY)

Dear Madaras Family,
I am deeply saddened by the loss of such a fine young man. I knew Nicholas because he played soccer with my brother, Nick Skipper. I remember attending many of their games and seeing Nicholas try his hardest every time, whether it were a scrimmage or a state tournament game. I look up to Nicholas for his values on and off the field. I would be proud to have half the courage, commitment, and compassion that Nicholas has. I am so sorry for your loss and am willing to do whatever I can to help.
Clay Skipper (Wilton)

You came to the earth with love.
You left with unforgotten memories.
Your time has come to an end with great shock.
But the rendezvous of our memories will begin from now to the end our days.
We all here miss you and fill our heart with those painted momeries from the old days.
Rest in peace, Nick.
With all our loves.
Mukmongkon family (Bangkok Thailand)

Dear Family,
On behalf of both our family we would like to offer our most sincere condolences on the death of your son and brother. We share the pain with this great loss. May God bless and help you to deal with this loss.
Peter and Edwin Rademaker Family (The Netherlands)

My deepest sympathies to you on the loss of your loved one. I thank Nick for making the ultimate sacrifice when called upon by his country and pray that his sacrifice will help bring peace closer.
Bob Opotzner (Ridgefield, CT)

Dearest Nick,
I remember you being born in Taiwan when I was 5 years old, and ive got lots of photos of me proudly holding you in my arms. The next time I saw you was in 1997 in Australia when you were about 10 years old. I remember you being so well spoken,polite and friendly and I have 1 funny memory of you and I walking down the road in Sydney and you telling me that the houses in America are much bigger! Also that you loved flying in planes.
I'm going to miss you and wish I had got to know you better. I would have loved you to have come to England and vistied us all. You will be truely missed by all the family and I am so sorry. You were so brave to fight for your country and I will always remember you, my cousin Nick. Love from Danielle xxx
Danielle Bannister (London, England)

Dear Madaras Family,
I am a teacher at WHS and know Marie... My thoughts and prayers are with you during this painful and difficult time.
Algirdas J Nakas (Weston, CT)

To the Madaras Family,
I am very sorry for your loss; my thoughts and prayers are with all of you and Nicholas. I pray that you are able to remain strong in this very difficult time and although Nicholas was only on this earth a short period of time; I pray that you are all able to remember the joyful times you all had together.
Michael DiMeo (Buffalo, NY)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Christopher,
We are so saddened by your tragic loss of Nick. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
With our deepest sympathy,
Anne and John Oliver (Wilton, Ct.)

10 September 2006

I'm grateful that Nick was my student. He was always willing to move beyond the accepted borders of thought, and I appreciated his honesty, originality, kindness and sense of humor.
Matthew Kobin (English-WHS) (Wilton)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie, and Chris
Our words cannot express the comfort and love we want to share with you at this time of extraordinary sadness and sorrow. We remember the wonderfull times spent together. May god help you and all to find the strength and ability to ease the sadness of our loss of Nick. Nick served our country proudly and we are forever grateful.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Frank, Ann, Lauren, Daniel and David (Lafayette, CA)

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Madaras, Marie, and Chris,
We are so very sorry for your loss of Nick. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Nick will always be remembered in our hearts as the brave and wonderful person he so truly was. Our deepest sympathies go out to you and your family.
With love and support,
Brooke and Leslie Widman

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris,
There are no words to adequately express our heartfelt sympathy to you. It is clear Nick was an extraordinary young man,with a zest for life and love that will stand as his legacy, forever reminding us all to live true to our hearts. We honor his memory with great admiration and respect, and send you all loving prayers for peace and comfort.
With deepest sympathy,
Julie Carney and Family (Wilton, CT)

Dear Madaras family...
I will always remember how Nick was always willing to fill in the gaps on the WSA Referee schedule at the last minute. The team managers always respected his gentle manner with the young soccer players and his bright smile always lit up the field. He will be sorely missed ...
May your many happy memories of him help you through this very difficult time and remain in your hearts forevever.
Please accept our deepest condolences...
Kathy Bieger and Family (Wilton, CT)

Dear Nick,
The fondest memory I have of you was back in middle school, you came up with my mom and I to Rhode Island and we were sitting in the hotel room bored because it was raining outside. We were watching some cartoon, I think it was Johnny Bravo and the tv was showing this golfer hit the ball into a tree then it bounced back and knocked the golfer out. We must have been laughing hysterically for 10 minutes straight. I also remember how you, me, and Brady would never do our work in Social Studies in Mr. Kane's class.
Although we didn't hang out much in the high school days, I will always remember the good times in 7th and 8th grade. You always had the ability to make someone smile, and you were always a fun guy to be around.
You have made the ultimate sacrifice for your family, friends, and country. Shalini, Bill, Marie, and Chris words cannot express how deeply sorry we are for your loss. God bless you Nick, thank you. You are truly missed and you will always be a hero.
Peggy and Shea Brown (Wilton, CT)

Dear Nick
I am your unkle Moon. When you were around 7~8 years old, your parent took you in Seoul,Korea. I invited you and your parent to lotte world. Then you liked so much to ride boats,trains,some other things, so we spent many hours in there. finally it came to closing time. So we had to go somewhere to have dinner,but you were crying for riding another train in the air,and you did not want to move, so your parent had very difficult time. couple years ago, I visited your home in wilton,ct. we went to fishing blue fish togather with your dad. we spent 4 hours in fishing, finally you got fish on your fishing rod, but you lost it, because that fish was too big.
I will keep the times we had spent together in my mind forever, and I will love you forever in my life.
Byung Jun Moon (Seoul.Korea)

Our heartfelt sympathies to the family ... Our prayers are with you at this time of grief.
Malcolm & Doreen (Toronto,Canada)

There have been few instances in my life where I've felt the need to give my condolences, and, in each instance, I've always found it really difficult. It is always difficult to find the right words to say, but I think the hardest thing for me, is to say something with meaning. I don't want it to be something you just say to people when they've experienced loss. I want to be able to say something impressionable, something that can take away this horrible grief that you must be feeling. Unfortunately, i do not have such a gift. My thoughts have been with you from the moment I heard the tragic news.
I have fond memories of his visit to Australia. I remember a rivalry between us that can only be the result of our similar ages and identical mindsets. It was a rivalry that can only be described as that of siblings, and that's how I would like to remember him. As my American brother.
Love Yo (Johan Van Den Bosch, Sydney, Australia)

Chris and Marie,
Nick was a fantastic, sincere, and headstrong guy. I can only imagine him to have been an amazing brother to you two. I would never be able to replace him, but if you two are ever in Australia, I would very much, like to try.
Love Yo (Johan Van Den Bosch, Sydney, Australia)

11 September 2006

To the Madaras Family,
Nick was a student of mine in Creative Writing his lasted year at Wilton High School. He was a tremendous writer who captured a scene and evoked such strong images and emotions with his words. I told him more than once that he could write for a living, that he had something to say and a way to say it.
Here's what I remember about Nick - his smile, his willingness to try anything, (even poetry!!), his tenacity and determination, his thoughtfulness, his desire to do the best he could (he would rewrite something again and again to get it the way he wanted it to be), his sitting in the hallway or the library at school and always saying hello, his individuality and self-confidence, his willingness to do what he thought was best, even if it was a departure from what others were doing - such as taking another year at WHS or enlisting in the army. He was one of the most unusual, interesting students that I've had in a long career of teaching in Wilton. I, and many others at the high school who knew him, feel his loss greatly.
Marie, I know how much you admired Nick and were pround of him. My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope all the love and good wishes will help you through.
Ellen, I didn't even know that you and Nick were together, but it absolutely makes sense; you're both such special people. I am so sorry for your pain. I send you my love.
Bill and Shalini, As a parent I cannot imagine your sense of loss. But you must be so proud of the kind of person Nick was. He made such an impression on everyone he met.
I will never forget Nick.
With best wishes and in sorrow,
Sandy Soson, Wilton High School

I can only hope that post-life is a beautiful place. I hope you are enjoying it up there or wherever it is. I honestly can't remember what faith you are but whatever you are please rest in peace. Know that your life was full of meaning and that it rippled out affecting all of us for the better. Thank you for being braver than me than the next guy. Thankyou for fighting for us!
Nick Revel (Rochester, NY)

Dear Marie and Madaras family,
I am so sorry for your loss. Although I never knew him, Nick sounds like a wonderful brother, son, and human being. I am praying for you all and know that Nick will always be watching over you.
God Bless and much love,
Billy Cody (Wilton CT)

Peace my brother in arms, and love to all of your family. from your brother from another war in Vietnam, Sgt Jim Connolly USMC. I will miss not having held your hand and saying :good job" but I will in the future when our Heavenly Commander in Chief calls me home.
So to you "ooh-rah!" - often barked when troops want to voice approval or a sense of esprit de corps. Its full meaning is primal and difficult to define, for it also echoes the hardships faced by those in uniform.
James Connolly ( IT Director, The Hour)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris,
While we cannot feel the depth of your pain and sorrow we grieve with you
Mikki & David Masaryk

God bless Nick, Marie, Chris, and the entire Madaras Family. Nick, you truly are a hero to everyone you've met including myself. I feel truly honored just to be able to say I knew who you were. You've made your family and all of your friends so proud. May you rest in peace.
Evan Paul (Wilton, CT)

Dear The Madaras Family,
I am sure you have not heard of me. I am Connor Brown 11 years old. While your son was in Iraq I was writing to him. I wrote him a letter and got a letter. Then I wrote another letter and got no answer. I am sure he was out there saving our country. But then I heard about this horrible news. If there is anything I can do please let me know I will do anything for you. I am terribly sorry about you loss.
Connor Brown (Wilton, Ct)

dear marie,
i was in your expo class last year with mrs harvey. i cannot begin to imagine how you must feel right now but know that we are all here for you.nick was truly an amazing human being. i did not know him well but had played pickup soccer with him for the past 3 years. he was never without a smile on the field and he was a great influence on myself and the other freshman players. nicks courage and strength are attributes we can all aspire to. it is because there are so few men with nicks character that his loss is so great. you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Drew Brown (wilton, ct)

I never really knew Nick, I met him briefly over the summer. He seemed like a really nice kid who had great potential. When my soccer coach Jim told us this news I aswell as the rest of the Varsity soccer team were shocked and upset. It was very hard to even finish out that practice yet alone think of everything the Madaras family would be goign through. Best wishes to the Madaras's
Brian Lowrie (Wilton, CT)

Dear Bill, Shalini, Marie, and Chris,
Although we never met Nicholas, we have read many of the wonderful memories of him sent from near and far and they have given us a small taste of what a special young man he was. We were grieved and shocked to get the email from Barbara informing us of Nick's death.
May you be supported and comforted by your memories, your family, your friends, a grateful Nation, and by our Lord Himself.
David, Sylvia, Paul, and Andrew Wright (Lakewood, Colorado)

Bill, Shalini, Marie and Chris
You are all in our thoughts as you endure the terrible loss of Nicholas.
Alan & Nadia Blake and family (Wilton)

Marie was captain of our hockey team and always spoke highly of her brother and of how proud she was of him. Nick came to some hockey games, and the few times we talked with him, he was always very kind. He was a good fan of our team. Thank you, Nick, for being brave and serving our country. And to Marie - our thoughts and prayers go out to you. We can't even imagine what you are going through since we have a brother the same age and a sister the same age as your little brother. We... and all your Spinnaker friends... are here for you.
Maggie and Mary Cearley (Stamford, CT)

Bill, Shallini, Marie & Chris,
I can only remember Nick as a cheeky, vibrant and healthily argumentative precocious young pre-teenager arguing "the toss" with his cousins and and challenging the uncles & aunts at the family get-togethers when he visited us. You have been with him as he grew and no doubt with such a family he had immense potential. I cannot really feel your pain or loss and real meaningful words are difficult to express. I an only encourage you to hold dear the good memories and hold in your hearts that he is in a better place. Don't miss him, keep him close to you. Share your dreams and future with his spirit and make him proud of you.
Ken Muir (Doonside, Australia)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris,
Nick was with us for only nineteen years but he has left an everlasting impact on all our lives. I only have lovely memories of him as a boy of eleven years old. Even then he left an impact on me. Although he was a little boy who played computer games with Amanda, Shane and Johan, in my lounge there was still a deep and meaningful side to him I can never forget. It is a pity that little Rachel did not get to meet him. Shalini, you and Bill have been amazing parents who have always been there for Nick. This is why Nick turned out to be such a strong, loving and caring individuals who was sensitive to other people's needs. He has done you proud. All of us are very proud of Nick even though we did not get to meet him and know him as an adult but thanks to all the beautiful photos and letters from you Shalini we were able to learn of Nick's achievements. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always and nothing we say will be able to take away your grief but please take it one hour at a time. Marie and Chris you have always made Nick proud of you. He was indeed lucky to have such good times with the two of you. He will only want you both to be happy and will always be watching over all of you.
With all my love,..Sunita Muir (Sydney, Australia)

Dear Shalini and Bill:
May it comfort you to know that your many friends are thinking about you during this most difficult time as you mourn the death of your eldest son. We remember young Nick as a child living next door to us on Westport Road in the early 90's. His playful times in the yard, on our shared driveway and with his puppy. May the many memories of good times live on a long time.
Robert Moman and Susan Boman-Moman
Washington, DC (Wilton residents 1984-2005)


Dear Shalini and family,
As with what Johan said before, i find it really difficult to express my condolences. I want them to be taken with meaning and to be heart-felt. I didn't know Nick, but seeing the impact that the news has had on the Roychoudhry family, has greatly affected me as well. I feel a burden in my heart, but I can't imagine how it must be for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Yukiko Suzuki (Sydney, Australia)

12 September 2006

Ted Riegel (Wilton, CT)
Dear Madaras family,
My heart felt condolences on the loss of your son Nick. He gave the ultimate sacrifice to his fellow citizens and country. May God bless your family.
Ted Riegel

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Christopher,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of great loss. Nicholas was obviously a very special man and will be missed by all those whose lives he touched. May God give you the strength to cherish his memory while easing the pain of his absence. We will keep him in our prayers.
All our Love,
Theresa, Roger, Roger and Michael Hueglin (Wilton, CT)

To the Madaras Family,
My niece Molly plays soccer with Marie and since I heard the news of Nicholas I haven't been able to get you all out of my mind. Our family's thoughts and deepest sorrow are with you. May you find peace,
Shelley Townley & the Townley Family (North Carolina)

iqbal ahsan (kanpur, india)

Nick, I first met you in Kindergarten, and we were great friends then. I will never forget you, and the sacrifice that you have made.
God Bless
Lynn Strickrodt (Wilton, CT)

Dear Madaras Family:
I never had the pleasure or the honor of knowing Nick, but am full of sorrow over your loss. The death of a child or a sibling has to be the worst loss a person can ever possibly endure. I can only imagine the magnitude of your grief. My thoughts are with you as you deal with this terrible tragedy.
-Nancy Lyness (Wilton)

Franklin R. Dunn and family
As a fellow Wiltonian as well as a former U. S. Army veteran, I, my wife Claire and family sympathize with the sudden and tragic loss of your loving son while dutifully serving our nation in Iraq. Words cannot fully express the deep sorrow we feel over your loss and can only hope that your pride in him will help to lighten your burden as you carry on with your cherished memories of him.
Claire and I will be attending the OLF memorial service this evening to pay our respects. Needless to say, Nicholas and your faimly will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.
Frank and Claire Dunn

On behalf of the wives and families of HHC please know each of you are in our thoughts and prayers. We will miss PFC Madaras as part of our soldier family.
I had the pleasure of meeting Nick before he deployed. I remember a warm personality that set you at ease.
Barbara Pond, HHC, 1-68 AR FRG Leader (Fort Carson, CO)

Dear Nick Madaras family,
Allthough we did not know Nick, we offer our deepest condolences for your loss.
The Falcon Footwear Company
David Grant Sr., Neil, Roland and company (Lewiston, Maine)

Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Madaras family !
victor favuzza (new york city)

Dear shalini, bill, maarie and christopher
I was so upset to hear about nicholas. I have been in shock for several days now and keep wondering how you are coping. To all the many messages of sympathy I would like to add my from my family as to how brave we think Nicholas was to join the army and how you have lost a wonderful boy. I wish I was there to support you and just give you a hug and I am really sorry for your loss and the pain your whole family must be in.
sharon bannister (London)

Its your cousin joshua bannister i didnt know you but im sure your in heavan now im sure if we did know eachother we would of had loads to talk about sorry for your loss auntie shalini and uncle bill R.I.P nicholas
Joshua Bannister (London)

Our prayers are with you and your family.
John & ELyse Kehoe

I may have my doubts about religion, but I know for certain that you are in the only place that could be better than among your loving family and friends. A man as brave, kind, and genuinely good as you deserves so much. Please know that my heart goes out to those cloest to you - I know we'll all see you again.
Peace and Love, always
Jess Sanchez ( New York, New York)

While I didn't know your soldier, my husband worked with him. Every time we lose a soldier in our company, we all feel the pain, whether we knew him or not. God's blessings and strength to you in this very difficult time!
Angela Chopper (Fort Carson, CO)

I am sadden that such a handsome and brave young man is no longer here with his friends and family. Keep him in your hearts and memories and he will always be there with you. God has led him to a better world where he can watch from above. Although, he is not physically here anymore, he is still here in spirit. Make him proud and remember him for the great things he accomplished. My prayers are with the loved ones he left behind.
Magaly Mancillas (Phoenix, Arizona)

Dear Madaras Family--
I have never met you or Nicholas but I feel deeply connected to all of you as my son Travis is also in Baqubah. I am so sorry for your loss and have been praying for all of you every night since I heard about your tragedy. I wish I could provide some profond sentiment that would make this better for you but I know this is an impossibility. Please know my thoughts are with all of you.
Erika Lamoureaux (South Pasadena, CA)

Dear Madaras family,
Although I never had the honor of knowing Nicholas, I was quite shocked and saddened to learn of his tragic death. I extend my deepest, heartfelt condolences over your loss. I am honored to read the many wonderful memories shared by individuals around the world and I will forever remember the many instances Marie proudly spoke of her brother, a true hero.
My thoughts and prayers are with you as you deal with this terrible tragedy.
God Bless,
Jason Herman (Wilton, CT)

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hugs, Marion
Marion Filley (Wilton)

Dear Madaras Family,
Words cannot express the sorrow I feel for you. I cried when I read all the wonderful things on the website about Nickolas. Our grandson served proudly with Nicholas so our pain is multiplied. Like Nickolas, he too had lost his way in life and joined the Army. He was a changed man, as was Nickolas. It is hard to make sense out of what is going on in Iraq, but we will have to let history decide if our efforts there are in vain. It's been said that freedom comes at a is not free. Personally, I think our efforts in that wore torn nation will someday be justified.
God be with all of you and please know we are all praying for you and the other soldiers whose lives are on the line, just as Nickolas' was. He was a special young man, and you can be proud that you contributed to the man he became. All Americans are proud of him and you.
God bless from California. We grieve with you.
Lance Johnson (Glendale, CA)

Nick -
I wish that I had gotten the chance to experience your personality. Thanks for being so brave. Rest in peace
Grace Ellsworth (Bethlehem, PA)

Shalini, Bill, Marie and Christopher
My heart goes out to you as your mourn the loss of Nick. Our memories of Nick are from soccer. He was a presence, a force to be reckoned with. He loved to be his own person yet he was one of the strongest binding forces on every team he played with - whether it was spring intertown, summer pickup or 'for real' during the HS season. We will miss his impish smile and his larger than life attitude. May you find strength in your memories and in the knowledge that Nick is loved by so many.
Jamie Hewitt, Ralph, Steve, Jake Walker (Wilton, Ct)

First of all, my sincere condolences to the Madaras Family, and to Ellen. A week has gone by since I first heard the news yet it still pains me the same to think about it and its impact on Nick's family & friends and everyone else around him. Judging by the outcome at the wake today, I feel honored to have known such a couragous and selfless man. As a newcomer to Wilton in 6th grade and a relatively skilless player in Intramural soccer, Nick pushed me on the field and that continued through my Senior year in High School. Today, I am fortunate to have even 1/10th of the motivation and character that he had. He always gave 110 C on and off the field, and always went out of his way to reach out and help. Mr. and Mrs. Madaras, you should be proud to have raised such a fine man.
Nick, may you rest in peace.
Steve Walker (Wilton, CT)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie & Chris:
Our hearts are aching with you. Whether Nick was doing something small like coaching Chris & Charlie's soccer team or something profound like serving our country, he did it wholeheartedly and with honor. For someone so young, he touched so many lives and his spirit lives on in them. He was blessed with a wonderful family and you were blessed with him. As you cope with the loss of Nick, we pray for your comfort in one another and your beautiful memories. We love you all and share your sorrow. Greg, Bev, Holly, Liza, and Charlie Rodiger & the Rodigers (Wilton, Connecticut)

To the entire Madaras family:
It is with a heavy heart that i write this note to you on the eve of your beloved Nicks funeral. While attending the memorial service tonite i was profoundly moved by the number of mourners. Nick was very much loved and respected. Please know that my thoughts,prayers,and deepest sympathy are with you all during this difficult time... God Bless Nick,his family, and all who shared his life.
Best regards,
David Atkins (& staff at Elmer's A.T.B.) (Wilton, Ct.)

13 September 2006

It was so good to have met Nicholas' mother recently, while at my father's home in Westport Connecticut. Shelini, you struck both my father and me as a particularly special person. So, though never having met Nicholas, there was an instant sense of personal loss upon hearing the news last night from my father. Please accept my support for you and yours to come through this difficult time and to always have the warmth of memories of your fine son.
Gary Sachs (Maplewood, NJ)

To the Madaras Family and friends,
We did not know Nick, but feel your loss and sorrow. We hope you find some comfort knowing that so many people care. May all your wonderful memories help get you through the difficult days ahead. With our deepest sympathy and regrets,
Sandie and Roy Lindell (Wilton)

I would like to send my condolences to the family of Pfc. Madaras. I did not know him personally but from what others have said about him, he was a wonderful young man. It is a shame his life was taken early.
I know there is nothing I can say to ease your pain but your son, brother and cousin did not die in vain. He will always be remembered for his commitment to serve his country.
My deepest condolences,
Tabitha Kidd (Ft. Carson, Colorado)

Dear Bill, Shalini, Marie and Christopher
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
God bless you,
Aldo & Cheree (San Antonio, Texas)

May God bless all of you. My heart goes out to you. I'm a writer who works with veterans. I've learned so much about the sacrifices that our troops make for our country and for each of us. To know Nick died a hero may in years to come provide some comfort to you. I truly believe God had a role for him to play.
I'll keep you all in my prayers.
Pat McGrath Avery (Branson, MO)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris,
I am very, very sad and shocked to hear the news. At first, I did not believe it and phoned Australia to confirm. I remember Nick as a newborn baby I held in my arms, and I was lucky to see him one more time when he was 10 years old. I shall always treasure those two memories. I can imagine him being a handsome lad and feel so devastated that his life was cut short at such a young and vulnerable age.
With all my love to your whole family in this sad time.
Pamela Bannister (London, England)

Our deepest condolences to the Madaras family.Our prayers and thoughts go out to you.
Tony and MariaRose Tumio and family (stratford, ct)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Maria & Christopher,
Thinking of you in these difficult times. His memory is a keepsake that lives forever in our hearts.
Carole Brock (Mississauga, ON CA)

Marie & family,
you are in all of our prayers everyday and we know that you are all strong enough to get through this. Marie your spinnakers are always here for you even though we miss you so much, your always a huge part of our family. the last two seasons would not have been the same without you. If theres anything i can do to help im just a phone call away. god bless
Haley Aubrey (Rowayton CT)

It was an honor to be able to attend the ceremonies today to honor this hero.
Chuck Harvey (Stamford, CT)
CT State Ride Captain
Patriot Guard Riders

Bill,Shalini,Marie and Christopher
As I sat in church today at the mass for Nick, I could not help thinking how proud you must all be to have warm memories of your son and brother. Though I only knew him as a small child, when Bill would bring him to work at H H Brown, who knew what life would hold for him. From the eulogies and the out pouring of sympathy I felt he grew into a fine young man who touched so many in so many ways. His memory will live on, and though those words seem trite right now your memories will comfort you and keep him in your hearts forever.
I think I can speak for all of us that are left at H H Brown who knew you Bill, that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. May God give you the strength to continue on through these trying times.
Nanette DeSanto (Raff) (Greenwich, CT)

Our sincerest condolences and may God be with you always.
Rose Kobuskie (Gloversville, N.Y.)

I went to Wilton High with Nick. We weren't friends, we weren't really even acquaintances, but he has touched my life with his kindness, self-confidence and individuality. He was one of those guys who was always nice to people whether he knew them or not. If you made eye contact he would smile or nod or acknowledge you...i remember seeing him with one red contact in his eyes and then his other eye his natural brown (beautiful brown eyes) and thinking that it was something that not a lot of people in our high school would be bold enough to do. I will never forget him and how he affected everyone he met.
Margaret Raposo (Savannah, Ga)

Dear Madaras Family,
I never knew Nick personally, but I do remember him reffing a numerous amount of my soccer games, sometimes even with my brother as the other refferee. I know that my family and myself are very proud of Nick and his dedication to our country. We send your family lots of love, and we hope you are able to stay strong through this difficult time. Our prayers are with you.
Lindsey I. Paul

Even though I only met Nick a couple of times, I could tell he was a kind, caring person. I was a referee at some of the games he coached and he respected my calls and showed pride and respect in what he was doing. In only these few instances, I was able to tell how caring, respectful, kind and amazing he was. My family's thoughts and prayers are with you right now.
James Wiltshire (Wilton, Ct)

Dear Aunty Shallini and Bill
I'm sorry Ihavent written earlier, I have had difficulty trying to find the right words to express my sorrow. I remember Nick when he came to Australia in 1997, we were all so young then, but I remember having some great memories, like the time we went to the amusment park Wonderland, and going on the all the scary rides with Nick it was alot of fun. I will always have these great memories of Nick. I'm so sorry that Nick has left us so early in his life, but i am glad Nick had such a wonderful life, he was a very caring and friendly person. He had such wonderful parents, Aunty Shalini my heart is with you in this time of need, you are in my every thoughts and prayers, i hope you find the strength to celebrate Nicks wonderful life. I was blessed to have met him and will always treasure the memories. The Roychoudhry family in Sydney has felt a tremendous loss with the passing away of our cousin Nick. We will always love him and miss him dearly.
Tash (Sydney Australia)

Dear Marie and Christopher
I can not imgine the pain you must being going through.Im so sorry that you had to lose your brother at such a young age. Your brother loved you very much, and will always be proud of both of you. My heart is with you always.
Your loving cousin

Dear Ellen
Im sorry that you had to lose your wonderful, couragous and caring boyfriend. Although i have never met you, I have heard many wonderful stories about you, and how Nick loved you dearly. My prayers and thoughts are with you.
Love Tash

Dear Nick,
Thank You. We will not live another day without you in our thoughts. Your sacrifice has made us more keenly aware of the fragility of life and freedom. I wish we knew you better. Our deepest sympathy to Shalini,Bill,Marie and Chris. God Bless.
The DeCarlo Family

Dear Madaras family,
I did not know Nick personally, but I was friends with his friends and I know that his influence on them was tremendous. He is and always will be missed. Please take care.
Soni Bhandari (Rogers, Arkansas)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris!
In ways big and small,
Nicholas' life changed our world
and left it a better place,
touched to many hearts
to ever be forgotten.
May you find comfort
in knowing how many people
share your sadness.

Thank you for keeping my husband safe in Iraq.
You'll be always in my heart and prayers
Emoke (Amy) Fisher 1-68 FRG Advisor
Fort Carson, CO

It seemed like everyday i turn on the news and see nameless faces and faceless names crawling across the screen and none of it means anything. But then i receive the message that Nick died and everything hit close to home. Nick was a true leader and an inspiration to me on and off the soccer field. My sympathies go out to anyone who has ever been graced with Nick's presence.
O God, Full of Mercy, Who dwells on high, grant proper rest on the wings of the Divine Presence for the soul of Nick Madaras.
Nathan Wolfson (Washington, DC)

Having known the family for over 25 years and being a part of same,we were just unable to react to the news,the world around froze....guess it must have been worse for you.
Knowing him to be as a chip of the old block...Bill...who could lighten the worst of situations,and guide you around..i'm sure he'll continue to live with you all with his memories.
Pray to the God to recoup from this tragedy.
What better way to die!!! than for your mother land????.
He's made you all proud.
Uma &Paul Chennai(India)

Nick is a true hero that you should be proud of. He has fought for everything our country stands for. I am honored to have graduated with him and know that he has died fighting for what he truly believes in. I would like to say thank you for raising a man like Nick who is willing to sacrifice his life for my freedom and security. God Bless, and may he rest in peace.
Jackie Bartleet (Texas)

14 September 2006

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris,
Our deepest condolences on the loss of your son and brother. We did not know Nick personally but remember him through the eyes of his little brother Chris. Will always told us how proud Chris was of Nick. After hearing such heartfelt eulogies yesterday, it is obvious that he touched so many people in so many ways. You must be proud to have raised such a wonderful and caring young man. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all the loved ones he has left behind. May you find peace and strength...
Cathie, Jack and Will Hartigan (Wilton, CT)

Mr and Mrs Madaras and family,
I had the great honor of serving with your son in Iraq. He was one of the soldiers that provided security for LTC Fisher and me. I remeber the first day I met Nick, very quite and shy, not to many words that he said to me as I interviewed and selected him for the position. As time went by I found that he was not as shy as he first appeared and was statring to show his leadership ability among the younger soldiers in the platoon. He quickly became a intregal part of the time and a friend to all. He always smiled, no matter what he was told to do and was very proud of being a soldier. I can not fathom how you feel, but I know how we feel. we lost one of our family also. We will not forget Nick because he has left an impression that will never fade. He was one of us, a warrior, a soldier, a friend, a brother, and that is how we will always remeber him. Our hearts go out to you, your family and friends. He will be missed
Command Sergeant Major Gary Rimpley (Baqubah, Iraq

My husband was stationed with your son in Iraq, and was with him when he passed. I know from him that Madaras was a good man and is missed very much by his fellow soldiers. We continue to pray for your family, that God would give you peace in this hard time.
Jennifer Colson (Ft. Carson, CO)

Dear Madaras family,
My name is Eric Peterson and I want to take this opportunity to send my deepest condolences to you in this time of need. I too feel the emptiness due to his untimely death. He was a good soldier, but more importantly, a great guy that made you smile even in the deepest of moods. I will never forget the memories that we shared and will treasure the way in which he lived. He made a huge impression on me and the loss of him will forever leave a hole in my heart. I would like for you to contact me if there is ANYTHING that I can do for you and would like to learn maybe a little bit more about how he lived if you wish.
Sorrowfully yours,
Eric Peterson (Ba'quba, Iraq)

I was so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you Shalini and family.
Much love to you and your family at this trying time.
Julia Broder, Coldwell Banker (Westport, CB)

Dearest Madaras family-
Graduating in 2006, I saw Nick everywhere, knew some of Nick's friends, and always saw and appreciated his smiling face. One memory of Nick that I have and will always remember was his daring white tuxedo and stag arrival to Bill Fusco's house for his junior prom. Nick always seemed to have courage to do anything and always wanted to succeed. I did not know Nick personally, though I had a few passing conversations with him, but that does not mean his life at Wilton High School and overseas has not touched mine. As one of my classmates, Nate Wolfson, mentioned, seeing all the faces of those I did not know on the news never really connected with me. When I got a call on my way to class Monday morning, I was in utter shock, I did not know what to do with myself. Nick has touched many, in ways he will never know. Marie, and our days of stagecraft class together, I cannot begin to fathom what it is like to lose an older brother I know you admired so. You and your family are in my prayers daily.
Guide us waking oh Lord and guard us sleeping, that awake we may walk with Christ and asleep we may rest in peace. Lord, you now have set your servant free to go in peace as you have promised. For these eyes of mine have seen the Savior whome you have prepared for all the world to see. A light to enlighten to nations and the glory of the people of [Wilton]. Glory to the Father and the son and the holy spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen.
Alex Walsh (Delaware, OH)

I am honored to have known such a great person and am honored to have lived in his town. Everyone else should be just as proud to have known such an individual. Just looking around and seeing everyone at the funeral and even at the cemetary shows me that he was truly an amazing person and that everyone acknowledged that by coming to pay their respects. The Madaras family should be extremely proud to have raised such a remarkable kid.
Joe (Wilton, Connecticut)

Dear Madaras Family and Ellen,
My most sincere and heartfelt sympathy is with you during this most difficult time of great loss. Yesterday's services for Nick were beautiful and I was so struck by the outpouring of love and support so evident by all that gathered at the Mass. His dear friends gave such poignant and uplifting Eulogies about this young man that I wish I had an opportunity to meet. May the abundance of love, prayers and support that has blanketed you during this time of grief help carry you through the days ahead. God Bless you.
Stephanie Reardon, Wilton

Me and my family (Carol and my son Anthony who is 13) are very very sorry for your loss.
There is no way we can console you enough for your loss, but I remember a quote from English philosopher Edmund Burke which said, 'The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.'
Your son, like many other good people, did not stand by on the side lines in his short life. If it were not for people like your son, evil would triumph. We all live our lives hoping to make a difference by leaving the world a better place for everyone else to live in.
Your son succeeded with his sacrifice like many other soldiers throughout history.
God bless him and your entire family. We are all indebted to him and his family.
If you need anything Bill, let us know here at HH Brown...we'll do anything. That goes for me and my family as well.
Anthony Petrella (Greenwich)

Although you do not know me, I have been deeply touched with the notification of the passing of your brave and beautiful son. He is a great hero and has served each of us in the battle for freedom. May God bless and comfort your family in the days to come and may the eternal promises of our Lord Jesus Christ be a reality in your lives.
Deepest sympathy and heartfelt prayers to all of you,
Carol Bussey, Realtor (Newtown, CT)

Though I never knew Nick, my daughters went to school with him. He was a chemistry partner to Michaela and a fellow student in many of the senior year classes for Molly.
Both spoke so highly of Nick and are saddened that his life has been cut short so unexpectdly. Molly said he was destined for great things and in our hearts we still believe this. His journey has changed, but he will remain with all of us whom he leaves behind. Our love and prayers are with all of you he has left behind. The Kreter Family
Laura Kreter (Wilton)

Dear Shalini and Bill, Marie and Chris,
Your Nick has entered countless lives these past several days. He clearly lived a vibrant, positive life, surrounded by the family and friends he treasured. He leaves us all a legacy of the meaning of commitment and loyalty, respect and selflessness.
In this most sorrowful time it is my heartfelt hope that you will find continued courage and strength in your family, friends, and faith.
Lynn Schneider (Wilton)

I thought you might be interested in this article from my college newspaper about Nick.
I am so sorry for your loss. Nick was a fantastic person - a real asset to the community.
Caitlin Kehoe (Ithaca, NY)

To all those who knew Nick they would support me on saying that he was a great man, a great soccer player, a great student & a great friend. I knew him from soccer and he was my coach for 2 seasons and one thing he always told me was to never give up and always keep your head up and thats what I say to all that mourn his loss keep your head up high and never give up hes up in a better place now and thats what all of us would have wanted for him and i think thats what he would have wanted to. he was a great man and a great friend and will surely be missed by me and everyone who knew him.
Roberto Sancho (Wilton, CT)

Hello family of nick,
I'd like to say im very sorrry about what happend. Nick is truely a hero and will always remain in my head as one.
Dan Delfino (wilton, ct)

I am so incredibly sorry for the terrible loss your family has sustained. My heart, my thoughts, and our prayers go out to you in this difficult time. I cannot imagine the tears, heartache and anguish you must feel. Our condolences to you.
Bente Gilbertson (Fort Carson), The Gilbertson Family

Dear Madaras family,
My thoughts and prayers are with all of you in this time of grief. While I never met him, I admire Nick for his commitment to better himself, in this case, through the military. That he put himself in harms way is a testament to his courage and conviction. May God bless him and your family.
Pete Trahan (Wilton, CT)

Dear Ellen
Although we do not know you we know how much Nick meant to you and how much he cared about you and it was good to hear that you were with Nick's family sharing your grief together. We are very sad for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Yvette (Shalini's sister) & Sunil Roychoudhry (Sydney Australia)

I haven't seen you for a while, but wanted you to know you and your family are forefront in my mind right now. The funeral was so lovely and touching and moved me to tears, even though I didn't have the pleasure of getting to meet your son.
Nick's sacrifice and what the other men and women are doing for us in Iraq and around the world makes me feel so grateful and proud to be an American. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. As a mother, I can't even imagine pain you are feeling. But you must be so proud of him as well. God Bless you and your whole family.
Karena Piedmont (Wilton)

So sorry, Shalini.
ann rousseau (wilton)

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this very sad time. Thank you Nick for your ultimate sacrifice for us and this country. Although your time on this earth was so short - you gave more than many give to others in multiple lifetimes. Thank you - God bless you and your family.
Nannette Fatigate (Westport)

My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Nick. Some may question why are we in the middle east when it doesn't affect us directly. It affects all of mankind; Nick was defending the freedom of mankind and his heritage as an American so that others may live without fear. God Bless Nick and hold him in the palm of His hand.
Peter Nelsen (Stratford, CT 06614)

15 September 2006

We at Larracuente & Johnson's Realty would like to send our condolence. God bless you all and may god help you through this difficult time.
Lucy-Lisa (Fairfield, CT)

To the Madaras Family:
May God bless all of you and provide some type of comfort and support in your time of need. It matters not to those of us who may have never had the pleasure of meeting you. What matters is that we are all in debt to Nick, and all the others who risk and in some cases, give, their lives in defense of our freedoms that we all take far too much for granted.
Nick is no longer just your son, brother, cousin or friend---HE IS AN AMERICAN HERO.
With Deepest Sympathies and prayers for your family's well being:
Michael Russo and family (Trumbull, CT)

Shalini and family,
Nick's death breaks my heart. We are all grieving so much for all of you.
This is such a sad, sad time for you and all of us. Our hearts and prayers go out to you. We are so very sorry. We feel so terrible for you for all of us.
Nanette Plomer and family: Mike, Lindsay and Max.(Wilton)

Our hearts go out to you, parents, siblings, relatives and friends for your great loss. Our gratefulness is in our hearts for the service and sacrifice he gave to all of us.
God bless you.
Carita M Kurth (Greenwich, Ct)

Nick was one of those people that nobody could think of a bad thing to say about even if they tried. Thoughts and prayers to the Madaras family and to those that were closest to Nick.
Jack Fitzpatrick (Wilton, CT)

Nick: You echo the American spirit - the land of the brave. And the saying applies to you... The brave die but once, cowards a thousand times. My thoughts are with your family in Wilton, CT, and the extended family in Sydney, Australia, whom I have known since the Bombay days.
--- Fellow Goan, fellow soldier (1st Gulf War)
CPL Neville, 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment, (San Francisco, CA)

First, I am sorry for your loss. I am an Iraq Veteran myself and I knew a few guys like your son that gave their life for this country. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of them and their sacrifices. I know I would not be here in college, speaking this language and living free if it weren't for guys like Nick. Just know that Nick will live on forever in the hearts and minds of you and his fellow camrades in arms.
To Nick-- someday, I'll come find you on Fiddler's Green and shake your hand.
SGT Brian Liebelt (WCSU- Danbury CT)

Dear Shalini
I had the pleasure to meet you during Kareena's class of Real Estate last year in September.
I am so sorry for your loss. I only realized today that Nick was your son. I have a son too he is 15 years old and I can barely imagine the pain and sorrows this must be for you and your husband.
Please accept my sincere condolences. My thoughts are with you.
Anne Lewson (Ridgefield,CT)

Dear Madaras Family:
Although I don't know you, I have read of your loss in the paper, and on the MLS site. I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. As the mother of a 19 year old son myself, I can only imagine your pain. In reading about your son, it is apparent that he was a wonderful person who brought you much joy. I hope the memories you have of him will bring you comfort. You are in the prayers of many at this difficult time. May God Bless you and your family. Sincerely, Bev DiScala
Bev DiScala (Brookfield, Ct)

I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to the Madaras Family. God sent a special angel to you over 19 years ago. Your special angel will always be watching over you and your special angel will never be forgotten. Nick's spirit will be kept alive by all those who knew him.
My thoughts and prayers will be with you.
Bornie Del Priore (New Rochelle, NY)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris,
You have shown tremendous grace and strength in the hardest circumstances imaginable. It's no wonder that Nick was such a special person. We often noticed him riding his bike across town to the fields to ref soccer games. I remember thinking that Nick Madaras seemed like the only kid in town who took himself wherever he wanted or needed to go totally under his own power. And, whenever it was Nick who showed up to give Marie her ride home, she seemed to beam with pride. I don't know how a family copes with the loss of a beloved son and brother, but we pray that the great memories of Nick will always lift you up. Please know that he touched everyone who knew him, and he will always be a true hero to many, many more.
All our love and prayers go out to you.
Judy and Karamjeet Paul (Wilton, CT)

I am Bev Rodiger's sister. We wanted to remind you that your pain and pride is also shared worldwide by so many who have never met your family. I hope you gain strength from all of our thoughts and prayers.
Cynthia Tompkins and Family (Litchfield, CT)

To Nick's family,
We are all so fortunate to have so many heros in our country fighting for us. Your son did not die in vain. We are all proud.
My deepest sympathies to your entire family. I have 5 children of my own. I can not imagine losing 1, I don't know if I could go on. Stay close to all your freinds and your family at this very difficult time.
Much love to Nick's family,
Lois Bologna Shelton, CT

Dear Shalini,
I can barely breathe reading the devastating news in your life. With a young son, myself, I can only imagine your pain and loss.
I send you love and support. More than you can imagine.
In sincerest sympathy,
Dr. Mary M. Raddock (Norwalk Comm College)

Dear Shalini and Family
My deapest sympathy for your great loss.
May God be with you in this most difficult time.
Sue Elsayeh (Stamford)

16 September 2006

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie & Christopher,
Our deepest sympathy on the loss of Nick. We met Nick a number of years ago and found him a very confident and fun loving boy. Raj remembers him sitting on his knee watching Australian football with him. Just wanted to share what our two year old son Ethan had to say about Nick (as we pray for Nick and all of you every night before he goes to bed) and I quote: "Nick is playing cars and toys with Jesus in heaven".
Lin and Raj Roychoudhry (Sydney Australia)

God's Blessings are on Nick for he sacrificed his life so that the people of Iraq and the world as a whole may have 'PEACE'
Joe Fernandes (United Kingdom)

To the Madaras Family,
I never knew Nick, but my husband talked of him often. He always told me that when everyone returned home that we were going to have a BBQ so that I could meet his soldiers. He was very proud of them. My husband is SGT Brendan McCullagh, Nick's team leader. They rode in the same truck together. They worked side by side every day in Iraq. Brendan always spoke highly of his personal soldiers on his team, and I could hear the pride in his voice each time because he was so proud of his guys. Brendan told me that Nick was a very unique young man who had a heart of gold and a good head on his shoulders. Brendan also mentioned to me that Nick had asked him to write a recommendation letter for Nick's college admissions. Just from talking to my husband, I felt as though I already knew Nick, and I was looking forward to meeting him. I will never know him now, but he will always be a part of our family. He was like a son to Brendan, and Brendan appreciated the time he was able to have with Nick wether it was patrolling with him, mentoring and teaching him, or just hanging out playing video games. Nick will always be remembered and will always have a place in our hearts. My prayers and condolences go out to you during this very difficult time. I pray that the Lord and his angels will carry you in their arms and comfort you. If there is anything our family can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. I pray this message finds you well.
Sincerily Yours,
Erica McCullagh (Colorado Springs, Co)

To the Madaras Family
My heart bleeds for you and to the other families who have lost dear ones. May all their souls rest in peace.
With Deepest Sympathy
Pete Edwards jnr (Mesa, Az)

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Madaras, Marie, and Chris
Please accept my heartfelt condolences for Nick's loss, one that has been felt so deeply within and far beyond Wilton. Nick was a Latin student of mine, and I recall fondly his many admirable qualities. He possessed such fine manners, a kind and generous nature, and a warm, easy-going smile that charmed everyone around him. I mourn his loss and will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Max Gabrielson (Wilton, CT)

17 September 2006

A Brave Man, A Hero, and for his country he lived & died. With great sympathy to his family and friends.
Joe.A (Australia)
ex Australian Navy

Our deepest sympathy to all the family and loved ones of Nicholas. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
with love
Norma, Joe demello & family (london, uk)

My warm condolences to all that knew and loved him.
Kelly Watts (Bethel, CT)

Please know that although we did not personally know Nick, we are ever aware of what he sacrificed for each of us in this great country. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this challenging time.
Jim and Samantha Spiker (Florida, USA)

19 September

I'm so very sorry to hear about your loss. It's shocking when something so tragic hits so close to home. I can only try to imagine the hole you must feel in your heart. From the funeral service I can tell that Nick touched many people and was loved by many. It's hard for me to imagine that beautiful little boy that I met when he first came to the U.S. was taken from his family and friends at such a young age. It was moving to listen to his friends that gave the eulogy.they're so young, yet they've experienced so much. I know you are very proud of what your son accomplished during his short time on earth and from everything I hear I can tell he was an incredible person. I will keep the Madaras family in my thoughts and prayers.
Sincere regards,
Sharon Jones (Stamford, CT)

26 September 2006

Just remember that you're son died for wats right!! Your friend Nick should also be remembered as a hero not only to his relatives and friends but also to his country. God Bless you!
Charlie Watkins (Wilton,CT)

My sincere condolences to you and your family. My thoughts are often with you. Keep you head high and be proud, my friend.
Glenn Faucher (Windsor, Quebec)

Mr. and Mrs. Madaras,
I knew Madaras from the Army we served together in 1-68 and trained together before getting deployed. We split up in Iraq but still managed to stay in touch. Not a day goes by that Nick is not remembered out here and honored. Josh, John and I think of him often and I would like to offer my condolences for your loss. He will always be remembered by us and live on through his brothers he has served with in the Army.
PFC John C Borklund (Iraq/Fort Carson, CO)

Words cannot express nor can messages convey the heartfelt sorrow we feel for you and your family. I think of each of you everyday and send God's blessing and condolences to you. There will never be an answer to why we have to and do give up our best and brightest to war and and the fight for peace--in whatever package it comes. We mourn for you, we pray for you, we rend our hearts for you.
Please know that we, two small specks in the universe, mother and father, grandmother and grandfather shudder in anquish at the pain that you feel and would give anything to be able to remove it from your hearts and soul. We leave that to the great God who will console and redeem all of us. You and your family, Marie, Christofer and the two of you will be always in our prayer. We were in so many churchs and synagogs on our recent trip to Eastern Europe--we lit cnadles for you and prayed for you. We shared our sorrow with our colleagues and they lit candles for you. We met a priest at the Infant of Prague Church who was from Goa--he looked at me and said "you are mourning". We told him of Nick. He bent on knee and prayed with us for you and the family. He gave us a beautiful picture of the Infant of Prague which I will send to you--with his prayer.
Please know that Bill and I are bereft in sorrow for each of you. We are here for you--we send love and warmth in this desert of loniless to you and most of all reach to you in care and comfort--where no care and comfort can touch but hopefully will one day.
Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.
With sincere love and condolence,
Julie & Bill Hummel (DENVER, COLORADO)

I read about your beloved son in the news paper under the caption "A Goan falls in Iraq". I was so touched by your boy's generosity - Asking for Soccor balls and candy for Iraqi Kids. I read out the extract to my class ten students hoping they can emulate him. No one can understand God's infinite plan and no one can understand the pain a mother feels for her lost son. But I only can pray that you find solace in the happy memories he left.
Mrs. Zena Sequeira (Goa)

We think about Nick and your family daily. More than daily, hourly. Thank you for posting this so that we can share in your memories and photos.
Gretchen Faber (Denver, CO)

Dear Madaras Family
We as a family are Shocked and grieved to hear the loss of your Beloved Son Nick May his soul REST in PEACE. May GOD give your familt the strength and courage to bear the loss of you Beloved son
Isabella & Luis Fernandes & family (Endfield Uk)

Our most sincere condolences are with you, our son is also in the 1-68 and we can just wish that God will give you the strength and confort needed during this time. May God bless you and your beloved son.
Guillermo Maldonado (El Paso, Tx)

Sorry to hear this news.
Pete Edwards (Meza Az 85206)

1 October 2006

I would like to send my deepest condolence to Nicks family and loved ones. Nick was my gunner for a while and we grew real close, I will never forget the day he said to me " are you ready SGT Colona I got my big boy pants on" he could and would make you smile no matter how bad of a day you were having. He changed me and he will never be forgotten. My prayers and love is with all his family and friends.
SGT Nathan Colona (IRAQ)

Thank you for your service and sacrifice for this country.
Tony Rodrigues

8 October 2006

You had already left the chapel yesterday, so I wanted to tell you something that absolutely moved all of us wives sitting behind you yesterday. While the soldiers were paying their last respects, saluting or just stopping as they walked out, there was one soldier who stood out. I'm not sure of his name, but I will forever remember what he did. He was obviously injured-he couldn't bend his knee-but rather than stopping at the front of the chapel like most, he hobbled up to your son's boots to pay his last respects. Once he got up to Nick's display, he touched his boots, placed a coin between them, and touched his tags. Then he bowed his head as if to say one last prayer or goodbye. He saluted, then turned and hobbled back down the steps. I know you weren't able to see that, but I felt that you'd like to know the wonderful tribute your son received from this soldier.
Angela Choppers (Fort Carson, CO)

To Nick's family
Nick came to Psd a few months after we had all been there. I know it was tough for him to be the new guy. For the first few weeks he was a dissmount on my truck and I was teaching him the ins and outs of driving in Iraq, he learned so quickly it amazed me. Him and I became pretty good friend, we listened to the same music and just looked at life the same. He will never be forgotten. He was the little brother I never had. You are all in my thoughs and prayers, and I hope to have the privilage of meatting you all someday.
Spc Eric Cobb (Fob War Horse Iraq)

10 October 2006

I have no words to say or write !!!
we all live on in someones memory .. and we all must leave some one sometime .. as well
aadilchagla (India)

19 October 2006

God bless you all and keep you safely held in His arms. Your son was an extremely brave man. My son served with him in Iraq along with the rest of the Silver Lions. My heart and soul are in mourning for you.
Have faith that He knows what is best and has your son with Him to watch over you.
Kelly (Westminster, CA)

To PFC Madaras' Family
Please except my sincerest sympathies. I pray that the Lord will give you peace. Know that your son made a profound impact on his fellow soldiers and friends. My son Josh(aka.PFC Dailey) considered yours his best friend, and sorely misses him. Count all your memories as blessings. Know that you are all held in our thoughts and prayers.
Barbara Dailey (Easton Pa)

Dear Madaras Family,
We were so sad to hear about your great loss. Our hearts go out to all of you.
Karen, David, Justin, Morgan, Christine and Megan
The Dent Family (Charlotte, NC) (formerly of Wilton,CT)

2 November 2006

Nick was my hero before he went in the Army because he was my soccer coach! He'll always be my hero and I'll always be Chris's friend.
Charlie Rodiger (Wilton, CT)

Dear Shalini, Bill, Marie and Chris
To have loved and lost someone so dear to you is tragedy. It was with great sadness that we learnt about Nick's tragic demise. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this hour of sadness. We met Nick in Sydney when he was just 11 years old. Our heartfelt condolences to you and may God give you the courage to bear this great loss. Our love and prayers go out to you.
Coral, Joe & Adrian Dillon (Sydney, Australia)

12 November 2006

I am deeply sorry about the loss of a beloved brother and son of the Madaras family. I looked up to Nick on the soccer field and while reffing soccer games. When I heard he was entering the army, I knew he was a true hero, and I continue to look up to him today. Marie and Chris, I know that you have always looked up to your brother at a level which I cannot even comprehend, but just remember that he is always looking back down, continuing to protect and guide you. His bravery and devotion are aspects which characterize a real hero, one who fought and died for his family, friends, and country.
Nick DeSantis

Such a surreal disbelief that Nick is gone still overcomes me. May God bless Nick, and may God bless his fellow friends and family so that they can carry on cherrishing their own lives even more. I miss you Nick.
Corey Christians (Wilton, CT)

9 January 2007

Dear Shalini,Bill,Marie & Chris,
This sad news was given to us by Yvette & this Memorial Page tells us a lot more of Nick we did'nt know. We will have a special prayer for him.
Diana,Eddie, Michelle,Ryan & Kavita. Mumbai,India.

Hi everyone !
Only the certainty of a next and much happier life in heaven, can bring us any sense to this senseless and many times stupid life in earth. I hope you guys find the strength in our Lord Jesus Christ who promised us full an eternal happiness the day we join Him.
omar fernando kindlein (FRANCA,SP,BRAZIL)

9 February 2007

I don't even know where to begin. It has been a complete shock in finding out about Nick. It seems like yesterday he was visiting me at my house during his short vacation home from Iraq. Never would I have thought it would be the last two days I would spend with such a great friend. Nick and I met during our junior year in high school and have been close friends since. Although we did not get to see each other much because of busy schedules, we talked all the time, even after he was sent to Iraq. He was truly one of my best friends and it is hard to imagine never talking to him again. He was an extraordinary person with so much love in his heart. I will miss his sarcasm and that smile and his soft caring eyes that made it so you could never stay mad at him. I cannot express enough how great Nick was. I am honored that I was able to have Nick in my life and it saddens me greatly that he is gone. He loved his family greatly. He also had tremendous love for Ellen and I just hope that she knows how lucky she is to have been loved by Nick. I am glad to see that he has been honored in many ways. He deserves every bit of honor he has received. I know that one day I will see Nick again but until then he is watching down on us.
My prayers and thoughts are with all of you.
Kim Ferris (Darien,CT)

23 February 2007

Dear Friends,
I have not had the opportunity to meet you, but I wanted to send you my heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your son, Nick. My son, Jared Suchan, was a friend of Nick's. They went through Basic Training, Jump School and to the 1-68 and Iraq together. I remember Jared always talking about "Madaras". He was very heartbroken when we all lost Nick. I think of Nick and of your well being a lot and wanted you to know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.
Jennifer Bangs, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

27 March 2007

Dear Madaras Family,
Thank you for placing the picture of Aidan & Lorne on the site. The pictures were hung in the boys "military themed" bedroom and they continue to pray for the soldiers and families as we support them and want them to come home as soon as possible. Thank you again for the sacrifice of your brave son, Nick, for allowing us our freedoms that we do not take for granted.
May God Bless You All
Greg Love (Knoxville, Tennessee)


Memorial Day 2007

I just wanted to write and say that i will be thinking of Nick, and your family tomorrow (Memorial Day) I still think of him often, though I didn't know him well.
Margaret Raposo (Savannah, Ga)

3 September 2007

I just saw the story on CBS News about Nick and the soccer balls for Iraq. What an inspiring story. Truly a great person was taken from this earth too soon. You could really feel the love that his father had for him. Thank you for Nick.
Todd Scott (Franklin, TN)

17 December 2007

I went to basic training with Nick in 2005, and he was a good soldier and better friend. He won't soon be forgotten.
CPL A.J. Burns (Iraq/Virginia)

29 January 2008

I just saw Nicks story on sportscenter and started looking for the place to send the balls. His story really moved me...Is there a place to send soccer balls that will go to Iraq?
David Smart (Kansas City, MO)

I just saw Nick's story on ESPN and was touched by it. I went online and read newspaper articles and watched some videos too.
I am really sorry for your loss. May God give you strengh in this difficut time.
Also I wanted to find out how I can help in the collection of soccer balls to be sent to Irak.
Please contact me via email and I can send you my phone number.
God bless your family.
Sandro Mendes (Waterbury, CT)

Dear Bill, Shalini, Marie, and Christopher,
i just watched the tribute to Nick on ESPN. I must say i was moved to tears by the piece. How proud you must be of your beloved son. The images of Nick at home and abroad were very moving. What a fantasic legacy to the man. I'm sure he is smiling down on those children. The pain of Nicks loss will be with you always, but to see some joy and happiness come from such a profound tragedy must be comforting. I am proud to have taken part in KICK FOR NICK and i will continue to do so.
I wish you all the best for 08 and the years to come.
Warmest regards,
Dave Atkins (Wilton, CT - Elmer's A.T.B)

Just saw the ESPN tribute to your son. It was very moving and shows clearly that your family is a model for all to emulate. I am in the Army and my 19 year old son is in the Marine Corps. I am very sorry for your loss.
LTC Tom Bone (Ankara, Turkey)

Nick's love for soccer and kids will never be forgotten. His story inspires all of us
Steven Gelbart (Stamford, CT)

I just wanted to take a moment to let all of you know how deeply touched I was with the story of Nick on ESPN. He not only was a true hero of our great nation, but most importantly of mankind and how he reached out to the children of Iraq. I would be honored to help out with this cause by collecting soccer balls through our athletic associatiion and the community. Please let me know how I can help. You can reach me through e-mail or on my cell phone @ 704-490-1102. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope we all can keep Nick's dream alive and that it will spread throughout the world. God bless all of you!
Mike Wohlfarth Charlotte, NC

My name is Misha Carrel-Thomas, I'm a freshman at the University of Rochester in NY. I was deeply touched by the story done on espn this morning and have been thinking about your son, brother, and beloved friend for most of the day today. It was particularly heart wrenching to watch the story for my brother is in the Marine Corp currently. I am contacting you because I want to help. I play for the varsity soccer team here and was wondering if you would allow for me and my teammates to gather soccer balls and send them to you guys to have them sent to Iraq, or whatever the easiest way would be to get the balls over to Iraq. If you could let me know, I would so greatly appreciate it. Thank you,
Misha Carrel-Thomas (Rochester, NY)

Dear Mrs. Madaras,
Even though I am at a loss for words, I could not escape the force within me to write. My son recently returned home from Iraq before Christmas. I don't know how God chooses how one comes home. It is obvious that God wanted Nick to be in His loving presence. From my family to yours, we will not forget your loss and the price you and Nick paid for us. Our love, appreciation and prayers go out to you. I can vision the children in Iraq kicking those soccer balls rather than picking up a weapon.
God bless and keep you!
Ron Looney

30 January 2008

Dear Bill and Family,
I grieve for you all.I know there is little that can be done to vacate that heaviness in your chest,that catch in your throat.Your loss is incalcuable, your hurt so complete.Please know that your son is now our son, your pain our pain.I thank God every day for the men and women who serve this Country.Your sacrifice ,His sacrifice makes you all unique.You now belong to a very exclusive family,one we would not choose to belong to but it is not our decision.When I think of what I saw of Nick I think of goodness ,kindness and what is right in this world.You,Bill,your wife and surviving children are obviously so proud of Nick but you can be assured we as Americans are also proud of him.I'm sadden for your daughter and your son for it is so difficult for the young to understand loss and that is as it should be.God bless you all and be there for each other as we are here for you.
Jeff moreno (Natick,Massachusetts)

Hello Bill,
My name is Talia Igel, im a year 10 student (sophomore) student from Leibler Yavneh College in Melbourne, Australia.
Recently, on a holiday to the united states i saw a documentary about Nick and being a soccer player aswell, i fell in love with the "Kick for Nick" project.
As year 10 students our whole year is dedicated to becoming leaders and the best people we can possibly be, just like Nick. After hearing about Nick's incredible achievements in his short life and the success of the Kick for Nick project i couldn't wait to get my community and school, half away across the world to get involved.
I was wondering if there is any information you could send me about how the transportation of the balls works, the cost that goes along side it and anything else that would be helpful.
Nick truly inspired me and im sure millions of kids around the world feel the same way, he was a true hero.
Thank You

5 February 2008

God bless your family for what you have done in memory of Nick. My nephew served three tours in Iraq, and returned to his wife and daughter in Alaska. We are fortunate to have him back among us, but we are all fortunate that Nick's spirit lives on, at home, and among the children in Iraq.
Howard G. Brown (Port St. Lucie, FL)

Nancy Janousek (Omaha, NE)
I am so sorry for the loss of your wonderful son, words can not say the feelings of sorrow and loss for such a great man, soldier and hero. The sacrifice you, your son and your family have made is greater than most people can even imagine. My deepest sympathy, and may Nick's Legacy live on thru your work with Kick For Nick. God Bless, there is a very special Angle looking down over you all. Sincerly
Nancy Janousek

29 February 2008

Thank you for the sacrifice that Nick made for his country. I saw the espn episode about the 'Kick for Nick' campaign. It was very moving. It is terrific what his spirit has done for the children in Iraq. I wish you all the best.
Ron Patel (Albuquerque, NM)

3 March 2008

I was writing Nick when he past away I was very sad after I had heard what happened
Connor Brown (Wilton, Connecticut)

23 March 2008

My wife and I are both graduates of Wilton High School, 1968, and just finished watching the story on ABC news about Nick. We had not heard of Nick and the soccer balls. This brought me back to Wilton during the Vietnam war and John Corr. Whenever I hear stories like this about Nick Madaras I realize how many good people there are who want to do things for other people. Please accept our sincerest condolences for the loss of your beautiful son, Nick.
Chris Hedegaard-Schou and Lee Baker (Colorado)

21 April 2008

Dear Madaras Family,
I'm very very sorry to hear about your son's passing.I'm just informing you that at my school we are honoring all the soldiers that have been killed while serving their country.I personally have been assigned to your son and am very honor to have been done so.
Megan CT

21 May 2008

I didn't know Nick, but just heard of his story. I'm grateful that our country produces such selfless men and woman, who are willing to lay their lives down for us. Nick has made more of an impact in his short time on earth than most people do who live to 80. My condolences to his family and friends and a big thank you to Nick and all who have served in defense of our nation.
Brian Sniatkowski (NJ)

26 May 2008

My daughter and I just saw your sons story on ESPN and we're going to be donating soccer balls for the cause. We're so sorry for your lost and I can never imagine the pain your family is going through. He died for a great cause and his memory is going to live on. God Bless your family!
Peggy and McKenzie, Pittsburgh, PA

It is with great humility that I thank you for the Nick's courage, dedication, and selfless act of service to our nation. I just saw ESPN's Outside The Lines and saw the special on Nick and the Kick for Nick campaign. There could not be a better way to "celebrate" Memorial Day with my family and friends than by to do so by honoring your son, your brother, your cousin, and our hero, Nick Madaras.

Today, I shall take my three children and buy five soccer balls, one from my wife, my children, and myself, write Nick's name on the balls, and send them to you for distribution in his honor and memory. We are then headed to a neighborhood BBQ, the kind that will ocurr all over the nation this weekend thanks to the sacrifices and courage of Nick and his fellow soldiers. I will share Nick's story and invite others to send balls in from Wellington Woods in Bordentown, NJ.

My father served in WWII. He pased a few years ago and is buried in a Military cemetary. We will go on Monday to hear Taps, remember and honor. Nick's memory will be in our hearts on Monday as well. We pray for peace for your family, and pray that God will keep Nick and all of our fallen heros safe in His loving arms for all of eternity.
Scott Niedermaier, Bordentown, NJ

I just viewed Nick's story and the story of your family on ESPN. I have family in the military and I know that it is not only the solider that sacrifices for our great country but the family as well. But when our solider's make the ultimate sacrifice like Nick did on September 3rd 2006 the family sacrifices so much and feels a loss no one can ever fill. While the pride you must feel knowing Nick made this sacrifice is something you can always hold onto it in no way can it fill that huge void of emptiness you now must carry daily. I hold your family and Nick's memory in my prayers and will be sending a soccer ball on to soon to add to the collection. May our Lord keep close watch over your family and may God Bless America!
Dave Secontine, Houston, TX

I was moved by Nick's story and I want you to know that I will be thinking about him this Memorial Day. My heart goes out to all of his family and I think how proud of him you must be.
God bless you.
JayAnn Tampa

Hello....i want to thank you for all you have done for this country and god bless you sir.
Matin Sadeghi, Edmond, Oklahoma

31 May 2008

I saw the clip on ESPN about Nick and the Kick for Nick campaign. I was very touched. I have four daughters and I coach one of their soccer teams. I contacted out soccer club's president and I am going to organize a "Kick for Nick" drive at our fields in the near future.
Just wanted you to know that your son's life and story are touching yet another community and a whole other group of kids and soccer players!
My prayers are with you and your family as well as our men and women still serving abroad and at home!
Kimberly Mate (Stow, Ohio)

5 June 2008

Hello, One of my daycare children brought Nicks legacy to my attention. We are planning to start the ball rolling here in the Richmond area to help you with collecting soccer balls for Iraq's children. Nick has begun a beautiful thing and he will never be forgotten in the US or outside of it!
Kim Ruiz Chesterfield, VA

Thank you for your son's service!
Sean V (Jacksonville, FL)

Sandi Dehart, Myrtle Beach, SC

3 July 2008

I have been very moved by the story of sacfifice regarding Nick. I think often of Nick's character, compassion, and integrity and how this is so rare in our young people these days. I have a 3 year old son and cant imagine losing him. I hope you know the loss of your son is incentive to millions across the world. A gold standard for parents on how to raise a child, an example to our teenagers on how to live a life embodied by character and courage.
I will never forget your feelings that Nick left for the last time with the thought he would not come back. And yet went and had such compassion for the iraqi children to begin the soccer ball program.
I am having our second child in November and want him to be just like Nick. We are planning to name him Nicholas Madaras Brown. God Bless.
Jason Brown, E. Grand Rapids, Mi

26 August 2008

I'm so sorry for your loss and I honor Nick for being so brave. I plan on giving some soccer balls for the kids in Iraq on his behalf.
Jill Forister (Stow,OH)

23 August 2008

When I look at our flag I reminnd myself that the stars are all the Nicholases who gave us the right to wave it proudly. We all share your loss. Semper Fi. Marty Boynton Beach, Fl.

3 May 2009

I am very sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayer go out to you all. I want to thank Nick for keeping our country safe. God Bless .
Tena Hassinger, Sacramento Ca

25 May 2009

I just watched the ESPN special, and I was rocked. It brought tears to my face to see the story of courage and compassion personified in such a young man. I pray for your family, that God would continue to comfort you and give you peace, as the legacy of your son continues to spread. I truly was and am inspired. Thank you for sharing Nick's story.
Grey spiller, Baton rouge, LA

These words comforted me when suffering a great loss, I hope you too find some comfort in them. God has promised to be with us, he is also with the ones we love. If he's with us and he's with them, then neither can ever be far away...
Marshall R Watkins, Altadena CA