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Hello Visitors,

This site is a memorial to young Nicholas Madaras who was a loving son to Shalini & Bill, a wonderful brother to Marie and Christopher, a dearest nephew and a cherished cousin.

Pfc. Nicholas A. Madaras, was 19 and died on Sept. 3, 2006, in Baqubah, Iraq, serving his country.

An Ode to my young cousin

This world fades away
In this land far from home I lay
Sweet thoughts of my loved ones
Helped ease my pain away

My loved ones will shed tears
But sustained sadness please no more
Cherished memories of us in happier times
Yes cherished memories I implore

As I begin my next journey
From this world of yesterday
No wars in this place I’m going to
Just peace and love hold sway

by Anil Roychoudhry







Nick will always live on in the memories of his family and friends.

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